Friday, November 22, 2013

To win or to lose?!

To win or to lose?!

Not to win, not to lose,
I came here to see you through.
I came not to cry,
But to see you smile at the face of storm;
I came not to judge,
But to accept you with wide open arms;
I came not to help,
But to be with you all along.
Not to win, not to lose.

Not to win, not to lose,
I came here to be your friend.
I came not to lead,
But to walk with you till the end.
I came not to gain,
But  to give everything I can;
I came not for you,
But for me I came, for me and only me.
Not to win, not to lose...

Here and there... (2)

I'm posting after a long long time... Hope I still have that touch :) Here are few thoughts that came to me... I cannot really remember when or how these lines were penned down by me... They came... Here And There...

On Night:
As the night she returns back,
She spreads her veil over her little children,
Calling them to sleep,
Singing the songs of silence…

A smile hides a thousand scars.
Just like the thousand stars who try to hide the darkness of the night sky…

There's something strange in the stillness of the night
It's like the dance of a great old tribe: Magnificent yet, Primitive,
It's like the notes played by the falling rain: Steady and Unfailing,
It's like the whispers of the rustling leaves: Never Deciphered, but Always Soothing.

On Rain:
The rains of the distant lands send to me their love,
The cool breeze carry them through the plains, and then they kiss my cheeks.

The clouds, they unite, up above,
Trying to hug their Love, 
They try but they cant.
Then they send their children running; the little drop of rain,
Who kiss the mother Earth.

Who is the mother of these little drops of rain?
The clouds who give them birth?
Or the Mother earth, to whom they run and kiss and hug?

On Leaves/Wind/Sun:
The wind, she flies through them fast,
Making the leaves to wonder…
Who is that who kissed my lips?
Who is it who hugged me tight?
They look around and find the invisible…

The crowd of the leaves gossip amongst themselves,
They look down on the grass, who look up to the leaves…

As the sun goes to bed,
He smiles back and says, “I tried to throw some light on your ignorance” and the man smiles on his intelligence…

On River/Ocean:
The river dances along singing her melody,
Hugging the little pebbles as if they were her children…

"Where do you go?
Oh my darling! Come back to me."
Cries the shore to the ocean.

And she comes back with a whine and says, "One last time."

Here and there...

Just a set of thoughts. No serious poetry or anything. Some thoughts that flew into my mind...


Running through the thorns she came
She came with a smile and made me cry.

They were fighting all along.
They fought out everyday.
They each wanted me hard,
But then, death she loved me more.


Why are all those stars still out there?
Are they smitten by the earth?
Or is the earth who cannot let them go,
And follows them all around?

She dances around in the open fields.
She sings with love to the feathery leaves,
Then to the human world, she shows her strength,
She breaks them down, turning into to a gale.

Is the red of the roses, a color of love?
Or is it the color of the wounds caused by their own thorns?

She is singing the songs of silence 
She is dancing the dance of stars
She is my mother earth,
She leaves her final scar.

Why do these clouds hide the stars?
What do they hide them from?
Are they afraid that some mortal would snatch them?

Twinkle of my eyes.

I saw the droplets on a spiders web,
I flew with the tiny birds in the open sky,
Lived the breath of fresh air on the mountain sides,
And then found you there, 
The light of the stars.

The colors were bright, the notes soft,
There were some songs and sparkles of life.
In the midst of these, you were there.
Smiling of hope and 
Giggling of strength.

Oceans began to sing and the rivers danced.
The mountains melted down in a bed of shame.
Your love and care, were too much for them,
They sang and danced and bowed,
To the star I had found, the light I discovered.

I knew you were a gem
One with a price counted by the count of stars,
I knew you were a flower,
Colors matched by the rainbows of the sky.
You were the one with treasures in her heart,
You were the one with life in her palms.


If there was a day,
When the sun wouldn't shine,
The moon wouldn't rise and the seas wouldn't sing,
I know I would live, and I would sing and rise above,
For you are the twinkle, 
The twinkle of my eyes.
For you are the twinkle,
The twinkle of my life.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bloody, Beaten.

No you weren't the one to drown me,
You were too lost in soul,
Singing songs of despair,
You had lost the early charm.

No you weren't the one to pull me down,
You were shackled by your early sins.
Crying in lonely woods,
You were dead for the known.

No you weren't the one to kill,
You were weak, bloody and beaten.
Running away from the lights,
You found comfort in the caves.

Now you try to stand up tall,
Against the shining torch.
Trying to spread your evil ways, 
You fail again, 
O' My lovely heart.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Unanswered Question?

What makes you smile?
Is it the freshness of a full moon night?
Is it the softness of a misty dawn?
Is it the strength of a monsoon rain?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Beauty - The Unknown

Beauty is a relative term.
For the sun who gives life, can burn.
The river which soothes, can drown,
The stars which shine, will fall one day.